Karan Arora
694 days ago
Accounting for Hire Purchase
Hire Purchase is the most secured and effecting tool of collecting the proceeds of a credit sale. As nowadays books are maintained in a double entry system by all big houses and multinationals. sale is the key factor for the success of the business as a profit of an organization depends on its volume of sales. A big business house can affect sales on the cash basis as well as on credit basis and that's how credit sale becomes essential for growth of the system. In this lecture you will learn the meaning and concept of hire purchase, hire-purchase, hire vendor, goods repossessed, hirer, cash purchase price, downpayment, hire purchase price, hire purchase charges and you will solve some problems based on these terms and different cases. Calculation of interest when rate of interest is given, you will solve the problems using balance sheets. Questions are provided to you. You can note the questions for your convenience. The solutions are provided to you in step by step manner. These steps are really important if you wish to score full marks.
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